Complimentary Audio Gift

Complimentary Audio Gift



As a sign of my appreciation and gratitude for your support and feedback on this journey, please find attached the gift of this wonderful audio that I recorded, which:

❖ Will provide you with a deep glorious level of relaxation.

❖ Can be used during the day (not when driving or operating machinery please) and even before sleep to ensure a deep quality sleep.

❖ Can be listened to in its entirety (18 mins) or your timer set, so you listen to just a portion of it, for your convenience.

Being and remaining relaxed during the day, is key to handling life’s challenges, so the audio is also:

❖ A fantastic way to start each day, if you don’t have a regular meditation practice or incorporated within your practice as a prelude to it.

❖ One that you can safely listen to it as many times as you like, so that the energy within the relaxation experience becomes engrained in your subconscious, making for a happier relaxed and expanded you.