Premium Report & Personal Debrief

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Premium Report & Personal Debrief

The Premium Report includes the Advanced report with a personalised DiMond MindMap plus a Personal one-on-one debrief (20 mins) with a DML Life coach who is also an AHA* registered hypnotherapist who will go through your advanced report with your DivMond MindMap with you and:

❖ Identify which of the limiting beliefs apply specifically to you.

❖ Assist you to discover the patterns of thinking, feeling and behaviours that are not serving you, perhaps even sabotaging you in one or more areas of your life.

❖ Provide you with easy and simple steps to dissolving the specific beliefs that are not serving you, to give you the freedom to have the success in your life that you are looking for and that you deserve to have.

AHA*: Australian Hypnotherapists Association

A DML Life coach is a professional AHA registered hypnotherapist, who has been trained in the 5D Success System and is therefore qualified as a DML life coach to identify the specific limiting unhelpful beliefs associated with your S-MindSet (as per your report) and assist you to dissolve those beliefs and replace them with beliefs that will enhance the quality of your life and health in every direction.

For this powerful session you will be contacted direct, to arrange a time and date that works for you and the DML coach. The session is conducted over the phone if you are in Australia or via Skype if you are elsewhere.

Once you have had a one-on-one debrief with a DML Life coach, you may decide that you would like to have a full one-on-one session (90 mins), for example if there are a few to many limiting beliefs, which require dissolving, to take you to the next level in the area of your life you feel you need to go.

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